1xBet Promo Code Tanzania; An exciting offer for Tanzanian users

Receive a bonus of 144$ by entering this promo code!


The 1xBet was founded in Russia. Since its commencement in 2007, the company has witnessed a substantial growth in its operations.

It now operates in various parts of the globe, including Africa. It is an online betting platform with a variety of sports. These sports range from the most popular ones, like football and horse racing to lesser known sports like table tennis, along with classic and modern casino games. The site has millions of registered users around the globe and now the opportunity for new users is open in Tanzania.

With its launch in Tanzania, 1xBet is offering a wide range of exciting offers to its users in the country. These offers can be availed through the exclusive deposit promo. The offer also allows the users to adjust their own amount limit for it. The offer is available to all users without any limitations. No doubt, the 1xBet promo code is a kind of once-in-a-lifetime offer. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity and get your promo code today!

The 1xBet promo code Tanzania has its own rules and set of conditions. So, we advise the users to go through all these terms and conditions in detail before you agree to this offer. You can find these details at the end of this article. Go through the details to make sure that as a 1xBet user, you’re entitled to these bonuses.

1xBet Promo Code Tanzania

Get you bonus 144$

Overview of 1xBet Features

The list of 1xBet features is immense. We are going to discuss only the major features of this platform that make it special among all other bookkeepers. 1xBet promo code is one such feature that really deserves to be discussed in this detailed article. Other amazing offers like 1xBet free bet and other bonuses will also be examined in detail. Before going into their specifics, let’s look into some other amazing features of 1xBet:

  • 1xBet’s most stunning feature is its live streaming of all sports events and games. The feature is totally free to use by Tanzanian users with any funded account.
  • A huge list of accepted payment options by 1xBet makes it one of the most favorite places for online bettors. There are hundreds of payment options ranging from bank transfer to Bitcoin.
  • A variety of available betting options ranging from football betting, horse racing to a wide selection of casino games. Get the best rewards on these games by using a 1xBet promo code.

The list of features is huge. You can explore them to find some most compatible for you.

Get you bonus 144$

A comprehensive review of 1xBet Promo Code Tanzania

1xBet promo code works in a very simple way. It is not like other complicated systems with some tricky design, which allows very few people to grab the opportunity and win. For the promo code, there is no fixed amount to get the promo.

In simple words, you get the amount of your first payment back. Whatever the amount of your initial payment, you will have the same value in your account, but remember that the maximum possible bonus is $144 (if you use the promo code). To get the bonus without any problems, you just need to insert the 1xBet promo code during your registration process.

Get you bonus 144$

How to avail 1xBet Tanzania Promo Code; Step by Step Guide

You can receive these special offers from 1xBet in a really simple way. It is much simpler than you might expect. After getting your 1xBet promo code, all you need to do is complete your registration as your first priority to get an account. There are three methods available for registration at 1xBet.

Choose the appropriate method from the following list:

  • Register by providing your mobile number,
  • Register by providing an email address,
  • Use your social media accounts to register on 1xBet.

Keep in mind that you need to enter your promo code during your registration process. So, don’t miss this opportunity to receive your value back on your first deposit. The next step is to deposit an amount of your choice into your account. The amount of bonus will be equal to the amount of your deposit. So, in other words, you will be choosing the worth of your bonus during your first deposit with 1xBet promo code Tanzania.

You will get a 100% value back of your initial payment for your account, provided it is within the range from $1 to $144. Note that you will only be able to receive $144 if you enter your promo code. The more you deposit, the more you will get out of it. The process is very simple. You will receive this bonus automatically into your account, once you make your first deposit after entering the promo code. That’s it.

1xBet registration

Get you bonus 144$

Bonus Cash withdrawal options from the Promo Code for 1xBet

One of the stunning features of 1xBet is a large number of payment and withdrawal options made available by this platform. There are over one hundred payout options for all your amounts, including the bonus from promo code for 1xBet. You can use anything from simple bank transfer to some advanced methods like cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. In short, you can access any type of transaction method available online to process your payments.

The 1xBet allows you to get your cash easily from promo code for 1xBet. No doubt, this feature of 1xBet makes it a favorite and adaptable place for every bettor of Tanzania. This is also one of the major reasons for its popularity. More user can register and process their payments in a way that’s most convenient to them.

The payment methods on 1xBet include, but are not limited to Mastercard, Direct bank transfer, Wire bank transfer, Payoneer, Skrill, Bitcoin, and many others.

The withdrawal time depends on the payment method you choose. In most cases, it can range from 24 hours to a maximum of 5 days. You can start with a low deposit as well. The minimum deposit amount can be $1. So, no matter which payment method you use, no matter how low your deposit is, you can use 1xBet registration promo code in all situations.

After your registration and entering the 1xBet promo code Tanzania, you may be wondering about cashing out the promo bonus. Here, it is important to know that the amount availed through the bonus can not be immediately retrieved. You’re going to need to follow this method to convert your promo bonus into the cash available for withdrawal.

In the next section, you will learn the terms and conditions that allow to convert your bonus into receivable cash.

T&C of Promo Code for 1xBet

You must know the important set of rules and conditions of 1xBet promo code Tanzania to benefit properly from this welcome offer.

  1. The welcome offer, as its name suggests is only for new customers of 1xBet. So the existing users can not avail this offer. Remember that one user can set up only one account at a time.
  2. You can convert your bonus into cold hard cash after placing bets on the 1xBet platform. You must use the half of the received bonus amount at least five times in the bets on 1xBet platform. For instance, after your deposit of the first $10, you will receive a $10 bonus. You must then make $5 bets at least five times to convert this bonus into cash.
  3. The $5 amount or other 50% of the received bonus must be used in 30 bets in any games throughout the casino section. After these steps, your 1xBet promo code Tanzania bonus amount becomes cashable and you can withdraw it by using your appropriate transaction methods like wire bank transfer, Mastercard, Payoneer or any other.
  4. To use the 1xBet platform and its promo offer, you must be 18 or more years old. This rule also applies to all other online betting platforms.

Get you bonus 144$

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